Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Move Along. Nothing to See Here.

Texas Economy Tops N.Y.
      --headline today

We should consider this a surprise?   Not only about Texas topping New York.   The report notes that North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia all have overtaken Michigan in economic size since 2000.

Let's see.   Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia are all right-to-work states with low personal and corporate taxes and a reasonable regulatory environment.   The precise opposite of New York.   Those states grow and ours declines.

Meanwhile, the State of New York convenes task force after task force, commission after commission, panel after panel, listening tour after listening tour, and appoints a succession of economic fix-it "czars," all tasked to figure out how to repair the State's broken economy.

New York already knows the answers.   It just doesn't want to hear them.

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