Thursday, June 9, 2011

From Our Irondequoit Correspondent

Many rank-and-file activists among both Republicans and Democrats are furious over the cross-endorsement deal their respective parties struck for this year's town elections.

Democratic leaders agreed to endorse Republican Supervisor Mary Joyce D'Aurizio in exchange for GOP endorsement of Democratic Council members Stephanie Aldersley and John Perticone.

Apparently the window just opened for getting signatures on nominating petitions for town offices in the November election. Some stalwarts in both parties are said to be bucking their leaders and to be circulating petitions for candidates of their own party, rather than going along with the cross-endorsement.

Will there be major party primaries in Irondequoit this year? We'll know in about a month, when nominating petitions are due.


kcomella said...

As an I-town resident, its is not just the "cross endorsing" that gets me re: this as it is its process.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for getting along w/ a mixed board (refreshing, actually since our last administration) ... what bothers me the most is - the restriction, the bypass of the vote of the people (the residents) - I find it to be un American to have such a decision made by the not only the elected officials in this county, but also those who are currently leading this town - the results in November should be from the voice of the people, not party politico's.

As defined in the dictionary - a "vote" means "choice" ... how dare anyone to take that right from a citizen, and make such a decision for us.

Dear readers, Welcome to Irondequoit - where land and waters meet Cuba!

cheri said...

I do like that the Irondequoit Town Board is getting along. I'm not happy with the cross endorsement though.

I guess the Democrats and Republicans decided what is best for us and left us NO options unless there are primaries.

Why did both parties go for this? Is it the money savings so they could both throw more money at the Brooks/Frankel campaigns?

My opinion is there is more to it than just that... We may not find out for awhile but I think it doesn't smell right..

No voice of the people in November just some big politicos made the decisions for us. The politician's up for election don't even have to be on their toes, they are nice and comfy.

Comfy politician's in Irondequoit -Great, nothing better than a comfy politician. :(

Anonymous said...

There were rumors for years that Minarik and Morelle used to have private "deals" not to run strong candidates against favored officials of each party. Mr. Reilich seems to have taken this to the next level, depriving voters of any choice at all. Last year when he pulled the plug on the first strong GOP candidate against Morelle in years was the first sign of an integrity deficit at GOP HQ. Now the cross-endorsement in Morelle's home town answers any remaining questions. I wonder what other deals have been made.

I'm not surprised Morelle engages in this kind of back room dealmaking. He has never been known for his ethics or integrity. Reilich, however, is a huge disappointment. No wonder the GOP is in a death spiral in enrollment countywide and statewide and can't field decent candidates. Who would want to run when you'll never know when the knife will appear in your back?

kcomella said...

@Anonymous - What you have expressed (above) seems to be echoed by many - since speaking to many here in I-town (and otherwise) I am also hearing that the names have changed, yet the ole' game remains the same (regrettably).

As for the November election, and this cross endorsement from a personal perspective -
1) It is my hope that those that will be petitioning to gain signatures (from both parties) door-to-door will be offering full disclosure that there are both D's & R's represented on the sheets. 2) Those that will be signing such sheets (residents) will keep in mind - the history of those (Aldersley & Perticone) that are up for re elect. a) Senior Center (Permissive Referendum) b) Apprenticeship Issue and c) The signed/rushed PILOT agreement re: Medley Centre - those are the three anchor issues that still remain extremely controversial - all three issues noted above were at the hand of Councilwoman Aldersley, and Councilman Perticone. I could continue, yet won't - I believe I have clearly have made my point w/ the above.

@Cheri - you are right ... the smell is abundant - I find it all too coincidental that neither party could cough up candidates prior to 5/7/11 - The R's had 4 (FOUR) years to find candidates for council seats, and the D's had 2 (TWO) years to seek out a canidate for a Supervisor, & close to a year for a Town Justice - I have seen larger mountains moved by both parties in past years ... they have booth proven to be capable.

The Town of Irondequoit not only craves stability, it deserves it - but not at the price of those that fought, suffered, and sacrificed in our behalf for the freedom of choice in an election - & no vote = no choice.

Ok, back to the Cross Endorsement in general -
Whether this goes *my* (personal) way, or not ... again, I feel it should be the choice of the people, not the party leaders - and, unless there is a primary ... what they are telling us is "this is who is going to be elected, and it will be our (the Democrat & Republican committee's) decision, not yours" .... is this truly exercising democracy by bypassing a vote of the public? - many are arguing this, myself included - some have even gone as far as saying that it suggests communistic behavior. Dear readers, would you agree?

Anonymous said...

The word in Irondequoit circles is that the local democrat and republican candidates brought this to their party leaders as a package deal.

So I guess you'd rather the leaders dictate what those candidates get to do? Where do you people think you live? In Soviet Russia?

It's funny how you complain when both parties fight and then you complain that both parties get along!

The claim that there's no choice is a lie and you know it. You can run primaries!

Or did you forget how the political process works over here in the United States of America?

Stop acting like a couple of babies and quit being so dramatic and go work for the candidates you think should win.

kcomella said...

Thank the heavens for anonymous bloggers ... because without them, I wouldn't have a clue in the world as to what to do when I get up the morning.

To do list:
Learn what that "word" is in the Irondequoit circles - (✔)

Program "Soviet Russia" into the GPS - a lunch date is mandatory since they are now our example - (✔)

Figure out what the heck "primaries" are because they sound too interesting to dismiss - (✔)

Trade in my "dramatic" panties for the big girl ones, and seek out the candidates that *should* have been found in the past 4 (FOUR) freaking years - (✔)

I think I have it now. [Kate wipes right brow w/ back of right hand]

Thanks, Pal - what would I ever do without you ... its nice to know I can still count on you, and that you're still around.

Warm Regards,