Monday, April 4, 2011

Leadership, at Last, for New York

During last year's election season, we derided Andrew Cuomo's pronouncements on fiscal responsibility as insincere campaign posturing.

Never have we been so glad to have been so totally wrong.

Governor Cuomo, we salute you.

“You can’t spend more money than you make,” Cuomo said on February 5, setting a tone for his administration.   “There are only two groups of people who don’t understand this.   No. 1 is the leadership of the New York State legislature.   No. 2 are my daughters.”


Anonymous said...

what a cravenly sexist comment. I expect to hear from NOW any moment

Anonymous said...

It is quite a thing to behold -- a liberal Democrat who has so outflanked the Republicans on fiscal conservatism that Skelos and his RINO crowd are caught totally off guard. Time to start planning Primaries of the RINOs -- Maziarz, Nozzolio, and Alesi should be the first to be challenged by GOP candidates who really mean it when they talk about conservative principles.

gidget927 said...

He stole that comment from Bob King- who made that in the '90's - addressing the Monroe County Legislature before debuting his first annual budget.

gidget927 said...

He stole that comment from Bob King - who said the same thing when addressing the Monroe County Legislators before unveiling his first budget as Monroe County Executive..... ( except the part about his daughters.)