Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tax-Talk Bullshit

Obama calls tax increases "Reductions in spending in the Tax Code."

You see, every penny that you earn, and every other person and business earns, is the property of the government.

So, whatever part of it the government DOESN'T take from you, equals government spending.

For those of you too cloddish and primitive to understand this, let me explain it more plainly:

If you're walking down the street, and I DON'T hit you on the head and steal your wallet, then I've just SPENT the amount of money that's in your wallet.

If that makes sense to you, congratulations.   You're eligible for high office in the Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

I agree, but please do not lower your language level. No need for the title language.

Anonymous said...

What is remarkable is that none of the "mainstream media" coverage I've seen has taken note of this Orwellian inversion of language. Once again Obama is given a pass.