Thursday, December 3, 2009

D&C Gets It Right. But Will It Follow Through?

The Democrat and Chronicle gets it very right in this morning's editorial.   Criticizing the partial state deficit reduction passed yesterday by the legislature as too little, they note that lawmakers failed to touch education and health spending, "because powerful public employee unions insist on it."

Just as we've been saying here on Mustard Street.   And here.   And here.   And ... you get the idea.

To date, the paper has shown its understanding of the problem, as exemplified in this morning's editorial.   But then it goes ahead and endorses for re-election every lapdog of the public employee unions:  the Morelles, Susan Johns and David Koons who perpetuate the very status quo the paper criticizes.   And the Republican state senators who suck up to those unions every bit as greedily as the aforementioned Democrats.

Will the D&C do the same thing in its endorsements in 2010?

In this regard the paper has behaved remarkably like the legislature it so properly criticizes.   It understands the problem, but can't bring itself to take the action it knows is necessary to fix it.

We'll know how "fed up with Albany" the D&C really is when we see their endorsements for state legislature next year.

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