Monday, March 23, 2009

Murder Suspect Comes Close to Garretson's Vote

I don't know much about Corfu, NY. I think you go through it to get to Darien Lake. Last week, Corfu voted for Mayor. An interesting election, because Republican candidate Scott F. Doll was arrested last month for murder.

According to R News:

At the end of January, the 46-year-old Doll accepted the Republican nomination for Corfu Village Mayor. Two weeks later, he was arrested and charged with [Joseph] Benequist’s death. It was too late to take Doll's name off the ballot.
Doll received 31% of the vote.

Which means that Corfu voters hold accused murderers in only slightly less esteem than 134th Assembly District voters hold candidates who don't pay their taxes.

Astute followers of local politics will remember Dave Garretson, who ran for Assembly against incumbent Bill Reilich last November. It was revealed that Democratic candidate Garretson had repeatedly failed to pay his taxes. He finished with about 35% of the vote.

Even though New York City political boss Sheldon Silver pumped over $300,000 into Garretson's negative and untruthful campaign.

Even though Democrat Garretson ran in the year of the Obama sweep!

Accused murderers and recidivist tax cheats should think twice before running for office.

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