Tuesday, March 24, 2009


he Democrat and Chronicle has reported that its staffers, including editors and other senior staff, will be taking additional unpaid "furloughs," at the direction of Gannett's corporate command in Virginia.

This in addition to the furlough from ethics and intellect that Democrat and Chronicle editors have taken for the last dozen years or more.

We suggest that Gannett go all the way, and also put publication of its Rochester comic book on furlough for a week.

Think of the improvement in quality of the ordinary citizen's understanding of public issues, and of local government, in a week free of the Democrat and Chronicle's miscomprehensions, manipulations and deceptions.

A sweet foretaste of the day the D&C goes the way of Seattle's Post-Intelligencer.   For the D&C the question no longer is whether, but when.

Gannett's next quarterly conference call occurs next month.   We should all phone in to ask when they're going to pull the plug on their continuing farce in Rochester.

That day will mark a triumphant moment for journalism, and for democracy.


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Thanks for link. Bad news, that. We are spared from absolutely nothing here. NY will be the last state to see any meaningful reform, and maybe Rochester will be the last place to lose a dishonest daily press.