Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Next Reagan

Governor Palin speaking of Obama last night:

"Al Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America ... he's worried that someone won't read them their rights."

Like Reagan and few others, Palin, with a succinct reference like this one, makes not merely the ostensible point, but lays bare the entire superstructure of the Democratic-Left belief system in a way that ordinary Americans across the country recognize as true, and that relates to their own experiences and observations.

The media understands this well:   they have scrupulously avoided repeating this line in any of the news summaries.   Nor have the open Obamists in the media -- the Matthewses and Olbermans -- dared refer to it in any of their worried-faced commentaries last night.   They recognize its power.

Sober voices on the left understand this, like Jim Sleeper at Talking Points Memo:
" ... if you didn't sense last night how deeply Sarah Palin channeled some of the country's deepest, most powerful currents of pent-up indignation and yearning, you don't sense the trouble we Democrats are in."

No wonder Democrats are suddenly arguing that a woman's place is in the home.   Otherwise they're out making speeches like last night's!


scape32 said...

Here's my take on that "Palin thing."

This could quite possibly be the watershed moment in national politics that many of us have been waiting for since the Perot movement. Finally, someone who talks our language. Someone who talks about public service being a job you do for the people, not at the people.

The media was in shock this morning. Rudy and she lambasted them They are going to attack back with a viciousness that will not go well with the folks in flyover country, where this election is going to be decided.

There's going to be a lot of folks, including the likes of Peggy Noonan, who are going to be thrown off their high horses. Once the folks figure out that you don't have to be an Ivy League policy wonk to lead a country, they are all going to be shown for what they are: puffed up eggheads.

And the media, this time around, won't be able to control the bashing or spin. It's called YouTube, blogs and the internet.

The rules just changed. And the Dems are still putting out releases about Biden wanting to prosecuting Bush for crimes; Obama telling you he's better than McCain because he, Obama, favors abortion; and that Palin acted like an executive in charge and actually fired one of her cabinet members in Alaska who served at her pleasure.

I think the clever, pointed and humorous attack on Obama's ineptitudes and stylized campaign theater is a masterful attempt to goad him into making a mistake. He's the kind of guy who probably never has had anyone question his political prowess. And, with his ego, he might just lose it somewhere on the campaign trail or do something stupid like pull out the race card or mention how the Hamas are just community organizers, something like he was in Chicago.

Obama and those around him who cling to his cause are filled with anger and hatred, the likes of we've not seen recently in a national political contest. You make mistakes when you're in that state of mind.

And Sarah vs Joe in a debate? Joe will be talking in government programese. Sarah will be talking about hockey moms, natural gas lines and drilling for oil.

Howard said...

Credit where credit is due. This wasn't Sarah Palin's comment. The speechwriter was Matthew Scully, who also helped write GWB's 9/11 speech.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the speechwrite meme.

Every politician of at least the last 50 years, and probably before that, had people write their speeches for them.

JFK had speechwriters.

So, what? The person who gives the speech has final editorial power over the speech, has serious input into the speech, and is the one that says it and stands behind it.

Obama had people write all of his speeches. Considering that he is running entirely on his ability to give good speeches, you would think that the left would not want to bring this line of attack up.

scape32 said...

Oh My.

A teaser From

"She's a real woman, she's a real feminist but she's not strident—she's like us,” said Hauswirth, a middle-aged mother who didn’t offer her age. “She’s strong, powerful and opinionated, all the things a women should be while still retaining her femininity, her womanhood.”

Another teaser:

“She’s got a real family with real troubles, just like the rest of us,” said Melody Halstrom, a middle-aged women from River Hills, Wisconsin, who came over to the Cedarburg rally. “You know, she’s got teenagers,” Halstrom said, alluding to without actually bringing up the well-publicized pregnancy of Palin’s unwed 17-year-old daughter."

The Link to the entire article:

Crowds turn out for Palin, McCain

This kind of enthusiasm in politics is to die for.

Get ready. The Dems are going to get vicious.

But what we got here, folks, is the Maverick and the Barracuda, neither of whom you want to play cards.