Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Come On, Barack. You're Better Than This

We still hold the admiration for Barack Obama that we've expressed on this site for months.  

So it's that much more disappointing to see him flustered by the phenomenon of Sarah Palin to the point that he called her a "pig" yesterday.   There's no gainsaying it.   After Palin's celebrated "lipstick" line in describing herself in the convention speech, Obama's reference is clear.

At least the McCain-Palin quick response team is on top of it.


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scape32 said...

They're rattled over in the Obama camp.

The Messiah has never had anyone rattle his cage up 'til now. So now, he's rattled.

McCain's got him boxed in, just like he did with his captors 40 years ago.

Can't attack the woman.

Can't play the race card (and be taken seriously.)

His lead feel-good issue is beginning to look like "chump change."

I fully expect him to say Hamas is just another Middle east community organization group.

Too bad we all live in New York State where we can't get into the fray on this one. It's going to be a lot of fun, going forward.