Friday, August 15, 2008

She's Not Going To Be Ignored

We think Barack Obama no longer reliably may be called the "presumptive nominee."   He's made a potentially fatal mistake in permitting the name of Ms. Rodham-Clinton to be placed in nomination at the Democratic Convention.

Anyone who doesn't think the Clintons are working right now like whirling dervishes to peel away enough delegate votes from Obama to win the floor vote for the grisly Hillary doesn't understand either of them.

"The first rule of politics is, "Never count out the Clintons." Their political conglomerate, Clinton Inc., is like Glenn Close in that bathtub scene in the movie "Fatal Attraction": It always comes back to life a second or third time."

Between now and the convention, watch for the release (which ultimately will be traced to the Clinton camp) of information alleging a potent scandal implicating Obama.

In dealing with Clintons you deviate from the Hannibal Lecter Rules only at grave risk.   We bet the food order for their convention suite includes some fava beans and a nice chianti.

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