Friday, August 29, 2008

Overlooked Points About Palin

Two important points about Governor Palin were given very short shrift in all the chatter today.

First:   Was there a single prominent speaker at the Democratic convention who didn't extol his or her industrious, working class forbears? We don't think so. We'll see more of the same at the Republican convention next week.

Yet Palin herself -- not just parents or grandparents -- is the genuine article.   A union member herself, married to a fisherman and oil rig worker, also a union member.   When was the last time we saw a nominee for national office who is actually part of what left-wingers seem to mean when they use the term "working family?"

Second:   As law professor Ann Althouse points out in this video on her splendid blog, Palin is "distinguished from Hillary Clinton in the sense that she made it on her own.  She wasn't leveraged into power by a father or a husband."

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Anonymous said...

I love the assertion that because of Alaska's proximity to Russia Gov. Palin has foreign policy/security/military experience. Laughable.