Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heller v. District of Columbia

We weren't the only ones surprised by a clear majority opinion, especially with a constitutionally valid outcome, in the Supreme Court's Heller decision. The following is from this morning's liveblogging, at Scotusblog, of the opinion's announcement:

10:14 Tom Goldstein - It is striking that the decision is not clouded by ambiguity created by separate opinions. One opinion on each side.

10:16 Tom Goldstein - Apologies - there is a second dissenting opinion, but only one majority - no plurality and no concurrences.

Amazing.   The Supreme Court finds a right in the Constitution that's actually written in the Constitution!

In the lifetimes of most of us, they've been much more comfortable finding "rights" that aren't found anywhere in the Constitution and about which it doesn't even hint.

The Left had it's big day yesterday, with child rapists getting sprung from death row.   The great mass of ordinary citizens had our day today:   when the child rapists show up, we can gun them down before they get to the kids.

We'll have an even better day when the Court makes rulings that leave deterrents to crime in place, rendering unnecessary the perceived need for armed defense of the home.

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