Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carla Palumbo, Rubber Stamp

The great thing about being a Democrat elected to office in the City is not needing to have any shame. You're elected, for life, no matter what you do. Just like in Third World countries. There's no press scrutiny and no one to hold you responsible.

Being a city girl myself, I was out on the town the other night and came across an old friend who's active in city politics. She noted a discussion we once had about political parties as rubber stamps, which made me think about former county legislator, now city councilwoman, Carla Palumbo, and her voting record.

Ms. Palumbo has been in the City Council now for six months and has voted with Mayor Bob Duffy on every single vote. That's 181 times. Consecutively.

The City Council minutes through May 2008 tell the story:

Proposals before Council
(nearly all proposed by Mayor Duffy)
Councilwoman Palumbo (D)
181 “Yes” Votes

This is the same Carla Palumbo who, as County Legislator and Democratic Minority Leader, whined incessantly that the Republican Majority was just a rubber stamp for the County Executive.

Amazing how her attitude has changed!

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