Saturday, October 27, 2007

Let Spitzer Be Spitzer

Some blogs point to lots of articles elsewhere, but here on Mustard Street we prefer our own vapid drivel.

Yet a reader comment on Jay Gallagher's story today that criticizes Governor Spitzer for his "aggressive" style deserves attention.

We think the reader, Terry O'Neill, Esq., got it exactly right. We hope we do justice to his point in paraphrasing it thus: "How else are you going to get anything accomplished in this State? Experience shows that you need people of especially strong character like Spitzer in order to accomplish things."

We admire Jay Gallagher. The clarity of his understanding on exactly what happens in Albany, and why, and what the problems are, is unparalleled. But in this instance we disagree. We think the very qualities for which Gallagher's column today criticizes the Governor are among the qualities that make Spitzer a leader of greatness.

Referring to Tom Constantine, former Superintendent of the New York State Police, reader O'Neill has this to say:

He has convictions ...which, when he delivers them, come across like great Jovian thunderbolts. That quality enabled a very simple man to achieve truly great things in our struggle against transnational organized crime and terrorism.
He then refers to another New York chief executive deemed "unreasonable," Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, saying:
The product of the governor's unreasonableness can be seen in public works in every city, the most extensive and progressive judicial reform in living memory and, less fortunately, the vast underclass of people whose lives have been adversely affected by Rockefeller's eponymous drug laws.
These men had/have quite outsize personalities. It appears that Governor Spitzer shares that characteristic with them. I predict that he will go on to achieve great things for the state and people of New York.
So do we, Mr. O'Neill.

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Good post. I agree completely.