Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Big Lie -- Part II

We noted yesterday that the 2008 county budget scheduled to be unveiled later in the day would resolve who's being truthful about a county tax credit to taxpayers in the towns.

We didn't hear Maggie Brooks say anything about the tax credit on the news. So we checked the Monroe County website and found the 2008 budget document. We looked up the information on the tax credit and ...

The Prize for the Big Lie in local elections is shared this year by the following deserving recipients:

The Democratic Candidates for County Legislature:
Todd Dunn
Dick Beebe
Carmen Gumina
Doreen Brady Levin
Ted Nixon (up to his old tricks)
Sue Davis
Vinny Esposito
Ted O'Brien
Steve Eckel

Brooks's proposed budget includes full funding -- $55 million -- for the tax credit.

The proposed budget includes a chart on page 64 that shows the amount of money being distributed to the Towns and other municipalities to "make them whole" for the effects of the Medicaid-sales tax plan.

Of the amount to go to the Towns, the budget notes: "$55 million of this amount will be in the form of a credit on the property tax bill for town residents."

This is what the FAIR Plan appeared to include the night of its enactment, and what Brooks has insisted all along.

The information is here; go to page 64.

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