Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Independence Party Switch in LD 10

The Independence Party announced yesterday its candidates for the 2007 elections in Monroe County. In addition to endorsing County Executive Maggie Brooks and District Attorney Mike Green, the Independence Party also announced its candidates for County Legislature.

Of particular interest, given the open seat and the heightened interest in Pittsford as a target of opportunity for Democrats, was the endorsement for Legislative District 10. This is the Pittsford-East Rochester seat now held by term-limited Majority Leader Bill Smith.

For the 10th District, the Independence Party has endorsed Anthony Daniele, the Republican candidate.

What makes this noteworthy is that two years ago, the Independence Party endorsed Democrat Ted Nixon, who's running again this year.

The leadership of the Independence Party is the same as it was in 2005, so there was no change in direction to account for the Independence people dropping Nixon this time around. Maybe they were disappointed by his last campaign, or maybe put off by the trouble Nixon got himself into in the closing days of the last election.

The Conservative Party hasn't announced its candidates yet. It may be that Nixon could be angling for the Conservative nomination. If he got it, that would be a big blow to Daniele. But given Nixon's leadership in the left-wing-on-steroids DFA advocacy group, it seems unlikely that he'd get it, or keep his street cred with the DFA comrades if he did.

Because of the interest in this race among those who follow local politics and the recent interest in Pittsford as a political hot spot, we've been doing more research on the LD 10 race and its candidates than on any other topic we've covered. We'll have more analysis in an upcoming posting.


Anonymous said...

Or perhaps the IP had a beef with Bill Smith?

Philbrick said...

Didn't see your comment until now. And agree -- your suggestion is every bit as plausible an explanation of the Independence Party's endorsement switch as those suggested in our posting.