Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Upset Night

In Rochester, Lovely Warren beats Mayor Tom Richards for Democratic nomination, 58% - 41%. Warren focused on campaign fundamentals, bringing her campaign to the door. Turned out her base. Richards didn't; relied on TV instead. Also, Warren offered vision and a new approach to education in the City. Those trapped in the Rochester City School District had to find it appealing. More power to her for that.

Result makes Democratic Party Chairman Joe Morelle look politically hapless.

Smugtown Beacon's Aaron Wicks foresaw this, in his excellent analysis on Sunday, which helps explain tonight's result.

In Henrietta, Jack Moore beats Supervisor Mike Yudelson for Republican nomination, 66% - 34%. Moore's people saw this coming; no one else did.


Andreas Rau said...

What is clear is that three times in the last twenty years, upstarts have defeated the Democratic favorites for mayor in the Primary Elections: Johnson, Duffy and now Lovely Warren.
This suggests some major flaw within the various Democratic committees in Rochester when choosing mayoral candidates.
Joe Morelle shouldn't be all that surprised by last night's turn of events; Morelle supported Democratic Party favorite Wade Norwood in the 2005 mayoral election even before he was elevated to Monroe County Democratic Chairman.
Norwood lost the Primary Election to Duffy; Joe promptly did a 180 degree turn and supported Duffy.
Joe, for all of the embarrassment of last night's events, must do the same for Lovely now. Or risk fracturing the Democratic Party even further in Rochester.
Can Morelle really openly support Richards running as an Independent when the Democratic voters have spoken loudly and clearly and still remain chairman?

Andreas Rau
Rochester, New York

Anonymous said...

It is time for Little Joe to focus exclusively on being one of Shelly Silver's Albany minions.

His act has gotten really old around here.