Thursday, June 13, 2013

D&C showing bias against diverse voices in Unite Rochester Initiative Part 2

So it is official, I have been banned from contributing to the "Unite Rochester" discussion in their Facebook group. Not only will opposing points of view not be tolerated, they will hear nothing about limiting opposing points of view. In a sad display today, Karen Magnusen accuses me of personally attacking D&C management and hurling mean spirited comments. Care to know the definition of personal attacks and mean spirited comments (according to the D&C)? See below for the conversation, you will only see it here as Karen erased my comments, yet again.


Anonymous said...

What exactly did you expect she, they always hide behind the newspaper

Anonymous said...

Between blaming every societal ill on racism and being utterly unable to accept even the most constructive (and harmless) of criticisms and opposing viewpoints, I don't think I have ever seen a group of people as thin-skinned as the D&C race baiters. I appreciate every dissenting viewpoint I see posted in their comments sections because it can't be easy to publicly disagree with someone who will only try to shout over you or silence you.