Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Family Feud

After a truce of sorts, the gloves are off between Assemblymen David Gantt and Joe Morelle.

Still smarting from Morelle's elevation to Assembly Majority Leader, Gantt wasted no time in whacking Morelle for supporting Rochester Mayor Tom Richards for re-election. Gantt favorite Lovely Warren just announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Mayor last week.

The Mayor, says Gantt, "was only supposed to fill in" for a few years as Mayor, and Warren would have the nomination this year. That was the word on the street at the time.  Morelle countered quickly with a carefully-worded statement that translates in plain English as: "Gantt's lying, as usual."

So grab your popcorn and a cool drink, sit back and enjoy the show between now and the September primary.

The Monroe County Democratic Committee is concerned about the looming fight. Its house newsletter this morning deployed a bit of diversionary persiflage, with an editorial demanding that the County Republican Committee must "change its policies."

But the real show is the clash betwen Gantt and Morelle, who have been going at it in Albany since Morelle's elevation in January to Shelly Silver's official Number One Sychophant.

Anyone who wants to share information on the shaping mayoral contest is invited to do so, to our e-mail eaddress at the bottom of this page.

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