Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Unfortunate Bias from Jim Lawrence, D&C Editorial Editor

A recent post by Jim Lawrence, D&C Editorial Editor, shows clear bias against recent Senate appointee Tim Scott.

This is unfortunate, as others in leadership at the D&C are trying to build an environment for healthy discussions on race. How long will the D&C stay in a position of having the personal bias of a few in leadership discredit the objectives of the establishment?

Lawrence acknowledges Scott's appointment, as "the first African American Republican senator from the South since Reconstruction," as a "major breakthrough." He continues:

Yes, Scott is a conservative . . . For me that isn’t a problem. . . But what worries me is that Scott is of the Tea Party ilk, and as such, he’s not even open to dealing with people who see the world differently. It’s telling, for instance, that Scott has refused to join the Congressional Black Caucus.

Of course, hooking up with the CBC shouldn’t be a litmus test for black members of Congress, but someone with Scott’s conservative views should at least be at the table for discussions on issues affecting African Americans. In other words, this guy doesn’t sound like someone willing to work across the aisle.

Anyway, I’m going to do some more reading up on Rep. Scott. In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he isn’t someone the South Carolina GOP decided to keep DeMint’s seat warm until a special election is held in two years while trying to reap any benefits from appearing to be, let’s just say, diversity-sensitive.”


rochester_veteran said...

JL wrote: "But what worries me is that Scott is of the Tea Party ilk." Lawrence has done everything in his power to vilify the good people who make up the Tea Party! I wrote about it back on April 2, 2010: The Democrat and Chronicle’s Campaign of Lies Malign the Tea Party Movement. James Lawrence is a racist of the worst type in command of the pulpit at 55 Exchange Blvd.

rochester_veteran said...

Somehow the link got munged on my post above.

The Democrat and Chronicle’s Campaign of Lies Malign the Tea Party Movement

Anonymous said...

Jim Lawrence is an embarrassment, and has been since he first came to Rochester. He sees everything -- everything -- as about race. He's a Leftie who says he isn't. He's purged the editorial office of moderates or conservatives, except for an occasional, David Brooks-like "safe" Republican who won't disagree too much with the World-According-to-Jim, Its-All-About-Race line. He's one of the several reasons (along with Karen Magnuson and other liberal editors) the D&C's circulation has dropped like a rock. What is remarkable is that the revolving door publishers keep blaming the circulation problems on the Internet. Well, in case they haven't noticed, the most liberal papers are dropping a whole lot faster than the moderate or conservative ones.

Anonymous said...

Let it go Rich.