Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New York: Open for Business?

Not yet, says The Buffalo News.

"We're still the second-highest in terms of the cost of doing business in the United States, second-highest in state and local tax burdens, and many publications rank us the worst for economic outlook. For all the positives that have been done in the last year, we really haven't done anything except hit the brakes on the runaway train."
This is not to detract from Governor Cuomo's heroic efforts, but rather to illustrate the magnitude of his task.

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Anonymous said...

"Heroic efforts" by Cuomo? Surely you jest. He gutted the teacher evaluation process by keeping the evaluations largely secret, even from parents attempting to know about teachers their kids may have in the coming school year. He raised $2Billion in new taxes. He signed a Project Labor Agreement with the unions which will ensure the Tappan Zee Bridge will cost $1 Billion more so the unions can continue their long tradition of no-show jobs, sky high benefits, etc., and wants to raise Thruway tolls by 45 percent to pay for it.

Name a tax Cuomo has lowered, a mandate he has rolled back, a regulation he has repealed. Nothing, zilch, nada. This guy is a fraud.