Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And the Beat Goes On ...

Today the Rochester Police Locust Club, New York State Troopers PBA, and the Monroe County Police Benevolent Association -- the three principal organizations of law enforcement officers -- endorsed Bill Taylor for District Attorney.   A clean sweep.

This is becoming an uninteresting race with what's looking more and more like a predictable outcome.

The only suspense is in guessing the nature of the front-page smear against candidate Taylor that Democrat and Chronicle editor Karen Magnuson will be contriving for October.


Anonymous said...

What a joke! Sandra Doorley's 20 years in the da's office speaks for itself!

Philbrick said...

But then why doesn't law enforcement support her?

Anonymous said...

Pretty simple
The union interview beat Doorley up on her prosecution of Nick Joseph. Also went after the office on Emily Good. Oh yeah, BAD ARREST!

So what is the paper going to bring up? Richard Mackey's is Bill Taylor's uncle........game, set, match.

Anonymous said...

Rank and File cops love Doorley.

She has been working 24/7 side by side with law endforcement for years. Hit the streets and ask them!

Taylor has never been to a crime scene..except what goes on in the county offices.

Anonymous said...

Because she prosecuted bad cops!


I am a Republican - Conservative. Not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Predictable outcome? Check your contacts in the GOP - Doorley up 20% in both polls,

Monkeytoe said...

Usually, I wouldn't care who law enforcement unions supported - for offices like Mayor, Sheriff, County Executive, etc., as in those cases - the union is looking out for itself in terms of who they think will give them what they want in a contract, not about who will do a better job in law enforcement. In other words, in those types of races the union is interested in who they will have more control over to get higher raises, more time off, etc. and not what is better for the community (that is, after all, the union's job - to look out for its members, not the public at large).

The DA's office does not have any say in the union negotiations for RCPD, the Sheriff's Office, etc though, so in this case, I would expect the unions are actually considering who will run the D.A.'s office better, so their endorsements actually have some meaning.

Considering that union's tend to go for democrats 9 times out of 10, and considering Doorley's lengthy experience, it does seem telling that they have completely snubbed her.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it had something to do with Doorley and her team messing up the case against a career criminal who severely hurt a police officer while he was being arrested yet again. The D.A's office screwed up and the charges had to be dropped.

If Doorley and her office can't or maybe won't get it right when it comes to putting away a scumbag like this who attacks a police officer, what kind of job will she do if, God forbid, she becomes the top dog?

The police officers got it right with this endorsement. Bill Taylor won't "help" violent criminals go free.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Doug Randall, Bill Taylor needs to do a clean sweep in the DA's office. Mike Green doesn't seem to be too interested in what his rogue ada's have been doing since he was nominated. Do you have any idea how many felony arrests never make it before the grand jury because the DA's and Assistant's are so incomptent and don't really give a damn about the crime victims?? Interesting that the Annual Report was posted and removed from the DA's website. Why because the actual prosecution rates of felonies are dramatically LOW????

Monkeytoe said...

"The union interview beat Doorley up on her prosecution of Nick Joseph. Also went after the office on Emily Good. Oh yeah, BAD ARREST!"

Well, you are basically saying that the union is corrupt and doesn't want corrupt cops prosecuted ever.

Now, seeing as how I am anti union, I have no problem with that sentiment - although I doubt it is as cut-and-dry as you claim.

First, with respect to Nick Joseph, that was originally swept under the rug - it wasn't until public outcry that prosecution started. Even the union knows that prosecutors can't sweep everything under the rug on their behalf.

Second, are you claiming that other DA candidates, who the unions have endorsed, never prosecuted bad cops? I think we both know that isn't true. So that hardly explains the decision of the unions here.

Third, if you are supporting Doorley, I would guess you are a democrat. I find it strange that you have so little faith in labor unions, considering that unions are about the only thing that keeps democrats in the game. That is where most of dem $$ and activists come from.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the Bills game and saw both Taylor and Doorley commericals. It seemed to me that she was running against the administration, which I think is dumb. People like Maggie!

On the other side, he was running with the administration. If we get beyond the fact that David Andreatta and Karen Magnuson are carrying Joe Morelle's water, this strategy does make sense to me.

Doorley has been part of a corrupt DAs office, one that conducted two politically motivated prosecutions to get a Judgeship for Mike Green...Sandra Doorley was part of it. The cops endorsed Taylor because the DAs office screws up prosecutions and, then blames the cops.

Time for a change! Taylor should be the next DA

Anonymous said...

Karen Magnuson has been carrying water for Democrats since she became an editor. She's Louise Slaughter's propagandist and makes sure the liberal reporter du jour (Mike Caputo, then Jill Terreri, now the kid who writes breathlessly about not much of anything) is hot on the trail of any Republican who challenges the Established Order. Doorley has been a stooge for Green, who btw doesn't have his judgeship yet and may never if anyone in Washington is looking closely at his personal life and political persecutions/prosecutions of Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that Sandra Doorley is attacking police officers for not endorsing her and is telling everyone that it's only because she prosecuting some bad apples.

That alone will help make sure Bill Taylor gets elected. People appreciate the work the men and women in law enforcement do for the public, unlike Doorley.

Keep up the political attack speach Sandy! I can't wait for Monroe County to get a REAL D.A. finally.