Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from Vac

... and so much to write about.   Why does everything happen when we're away?

But neither sun, nor beach, nor tiki bar nor ocean view can keep us from our intellectual rounds.   We've been cogitating on the larger implications of this year's New York State budget, on the unreasonable and even off-the-wall conservative criticism of the President, on the Albany Senate farce, on the futility of political involvement, and on why having the worst public policies in the country make New York, in certain ways and for those who can afford it, a great place to live. Not to mention other high-minded insights we'll share in due course, lucky readers.

However, we'll consider one of the most timely:   ROBUTRAD, in an upcoming post.

But first, to prime the dear old cerebral cortex, a frozen daquiri seems like just the right homage to the trip just ended, and a nutritious breakfast besides.



Anonymous said...

You must still be on vacation - you don't post comments you receive.

Allan Blockhead said...

Looking forward to your analysis of Robutrad, as well as the County Legislature and Town Supervisor races!