Monday, May 11, 2009

Can You Really Call Them The Greece Democrats?

That Democratic Slate Doesn't Have Many Democrats

The Greece Democrats announced their slate the other day. By their reaction to simply filling out a slate, it appears their campaign may have made the mistake of peaking too soon. Jo Meleca-Voight, gay marriage advocate, teacher and head of the Greece Teacher's Association (union) political PAC, was very proud that they actually found people, most would assume Democrats, willing to put their names on the ballot.

The only problem is there aren't that many Democrats on that slate. Their Supervisor candidate, Union Boss Dan Maloney, is a Democrat, and 3rd ward candidate Shawn Levin is also a Democrat.

1st ward candidate Karen Byfield is registered in the union based Working Families Party. 2nd ward candidate, former school board member, and former head of the Greece Police Union, Joe Moscato is a Republican (apparently mental health evaluations aren't part of their background check) as is NEA member and 4th ward candidate Karl Nielsen.(is anyone else seeing a trend, union boss, union activist?).

Let me see if I have all of this. 2 Democrats, 1 Working Families Party member and 2Republicans -- 4 out of 5 union bosses/activists. Let's hear it for that diversity of opinion that Democrats are so proud of.

That's a real cause for celebration!

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