Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dan Greene for Sheriff?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Mustard Street has learned that Republican-turned-Democrat Dan Greene will announce his candidacy for Monroe County Sheriff on Saturday morning. Greene served as Undersheriff for incumbent Patrick O’Flynn, until resigning his post two years ago. Insiders maintain that Greene's motivation may be a personal animosity toward the popular Sheriff O’Flynn.

Democratic sources are reporting a problem for Greene:   his new party appears none too thrilled about nominating him as their candidate.

This unease among Democrats about Greene was underscored when Greene failed to win the endorsement of the City’s 29th Legislative District Democratic Committee, losing the committee vote to challenger Ernest Jones.

Is it a done deal for Greene? Maybe even he doesn't know.


Anonymous said...

Dan Greene is a great Guy, and many who know him KNOW he will do an outstanding job as Sheriff. Once again the powers to be use the media to distort the facts and reasons why people run for office. We the citizen of Monroe county have had the same party in charge for over 25 years at the Sheriffs office its time for change!! Pat O'Flynn is no Meloni!! Lets hope that Dan gets the nod to run and the citizens finally get the much needed change at the Sheriffs Dept. I know many Republicans as well as Democrats that will cast their vote for this outstanding man.

Anonymous said...

that was two weeks ago now. What happened? My guess is his ship is sunk.

Anonymous said...

Dan Greene is no where near qualified for this job... He IS a career politician, the slimy kind. No morals, no integrity, no experience.

Anonymous said...

Greene is the endorsed Democratic candidate. So much for the sunken ship.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Greene wasn't honest when he was the undersheriff and wont be as the sheriff, that's why he's no longer working for the department. He promises everything to everyone......and they fall for it. He simply wants power and revenge.Very unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

If Dan would only come out with the facts as to why he left the Sheriff's Dept. he would run away with the election. It is a crying shame that he isn't running an aggressive campaign.