Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And Where Were These "Peace" Protesters When Hamas Was Shelling Israelis?

Today's Democrat and Chronicle tells us about self-styled "peace" activists in Rochester marching in protest against Israeli air attacks on Gaza.

Funny, how we never saw these advocates of "peace" marching to protest Hamas's shelling of southern Israel from Gaza.   Only when Israel defends its people do the American peaceniks hit the streets.

These people don't care about peace.  They're Stalinists who support the party line of the Left, whatever it happens to be at the moment.   The Left doesn't like Israel -- too Western, don't you know, too willing to defend itself instead of voluntarily turning its people over to terrorists.  And, most unforgivably of all, not anti-American.  

The hypocrisy of these "peace" protesters is contemptible: bombing Israelis is OK, but Israel defending itself is unacceptable.

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