Monday, November 10, 2008

Putting the P in Politics

Alan ClarkIn his Diaries (one of the Sacred Texts) the late Alan Clark recorded a whimsy entertained in his ministerial office above the streets of London:

23 June, 1983
  --  "It is a glorious summer morning, and I have drawn back to their maximum extent the sliding windows.  ... There is a tiny balcon, a gutter really, with a very low parapet, below knee height.   Certain death on the Victoria Street pavement eight floors below.   Sometimes I get a wild urge to relieve my bladder over it, splattingly on the ant-like crowds.   Would this get one the sack? ...  I might do it on my last day."

The unlikely fulfillment of this fantasy occurred Friday when Jersey City Councilman Steve Lipski did the wet and wild thing from a second-story balcony over a crowd of concertgoers in Washington, D.C.

We mention this only to illustrate that most orthodox rule of the Mainstream Media Style Book.   The original AP story mentioned no political party affiliation.   As seasoned observers recognize instantly, this means he's a Democrat.   When Republican politicos misbehave, the Style Book mandates that party ID become part of the mischief-maker's title and name, never to be omitted in any future reference discussing the unpleasantness.

After several conservative blogs pointed out the omission, the link to the original AP story, that appeared on the WNBC-TV site disappeared!   A quick Google search of "Steve Lipski" and "assault" disclosed a revised AP story that now contains, shockingly, bladder boy's party affiliation.

What's that saying about lighting one candle in the darkness ...?

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