Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pay Taxes on Election Day

Ronald Reagan once said, famously, that for Republicans, every day is the Fourth of July and for Democrats every day is April 15.

Given the highest property taxes in the country, the State of New York is unstinting in its dedication to making every day feel like April 15.

Almost to the day, April 15 is as far removed in time from election day, in either direction, as the calendar permits.   Those of you who think that's a mere coincidence have a future writing newspaper editorials.   For the rest of us, a modest proposal:   by law, all taxes, state and federal, should be due on Election Day, and all school taxes payable on the day of school budget elections, at the polling place or at the school district's offices.

What better way to align action with consequence:  bringing together the inseparable realities of political choices and what they cost each of us.

Which is why it will never happen.

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CheswellWay said...

I love this idea.