Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Special Election Makes No Sense for Democrats

Governor Paterson says he'll call a special election for the 29th Congressional District "as soon as possible."   But why would the Governor, who has discretion in the matter, call a special election when there's nothing in it but trouble for his party?

Given that it's highly likely a Republican would win, that's one more vote against passing the Senate health care bill in the House.   The President and Pelosi want that?

And the likely Republican win would just underscore, once more and closer to November, public unhappiness with the President's party.

While a special election would force Republicans to pay for two campaigns in short order rather than one, any advantage brought by that surely would be more than offset by the disadvantages to Democrats we've described.   Among the disadvantages, in addition to those we've discussed, would be national media attention that inevitably would carry some echo of the squalid Massa farce.   Democrats don't need that.

Why is Governor Paterson doing this?   Why don't Democrats at the national level ask him to drop the idea?

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Unknown said...

I don’t think that the Governor is happy with the President. I believe he may still be upset that Obama asked him to not run for re-election. Could this be a little bit of payback? Did Paterson just say “UP YOURS!??”